Automating Imports

If you work with more than a few projects that import from a common project, you may want to automate importing from that project. Automating imports can be as simple as scheduling this command: madbuild.exe -project “c:\example\example.flprj” -target “build-for-import.fltar”  How does that work? Isn’t madbuild.exe for generating output content? Yes. But some other things happen… Continue reading Automating Imports

Batch Files, madbuild.exe, and commands

Flare’s help contains topics about batch targets and there is no need to cover all of that here. Briefly, you can create batch targets for a project. From the Batch Target Editor, you can select actions to take and schedule tasks. To generate output from Flare targets using commands specified outside of the Flare user… Continue reading Batch Files, madbuild.exe, and commands