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Sorting TOCs in a Project

TOC sorting is probably only useful for reference documentation. But please post comments with any use-cases for TOC sorting you can think of. My desire to sort a TOC is threefold. I want to be able to:

  • Flatten a TOC with levels down to one level
  • Sort a flattened TOC in ascending order by the Title attribute of a TocEntry
  • Sort a TOC with a multi-level hierarchy in ascending order by the Title attribute of a TocEntry and respect the level structure

The UI is left to you.

Create a Visual Basic Windows Forms project and build a form with items which correspond to the procedures in the sample. An open file dialog is necessary to select the TOC. With the dialogs, limit the file type to *.fltoc. The TOC structure is rendered in a tree view. I placed it prominently in the center of the form. I used buttons for the options. But radio buttons would make more sense.

A preview of the options display in the tree view when a button is clicked. But nothing is saved until the save dialog is shown. You can use that to overwrite or to create a new TOC. If I see any use-cases, I’ll post a full sample project in a later post.